Hold on!

All things occurring from worldly disasters to the fight for power in our own country, make things seem frightening and overwhelming. Constantly seeing the pleasures and achievements in the lives of others and the bombarding of adds through social media, leaves us in a constant state of want. Externally the world can make us feel like we are missing out on something or leave us feeling as if we are not doing enough. Envy leads to exhaustion. Fear wastes our time. I am striving to reach within myself to focus on the person whom God created me to be, which are not the people whom I view through a computer screen, or who I interact with in public that seemingly have it all together. There are insecurities and hurts that I know can be overcome, because I know Jesus. Meet the Lord in your circumstances and the burdens of the earth will slowly go dim as He becomes brighter! The bible is full of promises of Hope not hate. Seek forgiveness through Christ and God will fill your heart with joy not jealousy. No day or age is too late. Would you ever forsake your Children? Neither will God ever forsake you! Rest In Your creator He designed you for a reason. My fish know when I arrive each evening and all swim to the top of the tank eagerly anticipating the food they know I will not fail to feed them. Swim to Jesus, He has plenty of grace and Love to feed your souls and unlike me with my fish, He will always be with you! All praise and Honor be to Jesus and God the Father!



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