The key

Gods grace and Love lives within me oh how thankful I am! How great things are in my life and how ungrateful I can be at times. The sin I follow can bring me so low, criticizing others I don’t even know. Agreeing with others who judge those around, making false assumptions when the truth has not yet been found. Lustful desires seeking to hunt me down, always seeking to pervert my mind and destroy the happiness I have found. How unhappy, sad and disgusting our generation seems to be..When one gets lost in sin that wont set them free! The beginning of lust and the beginning of hate, sadly escalates in to many others fate. Though Jesus died on the cross because of how much he loves you and I. When we turn away from Gods love and are faced with hardships we often question God and are quick to ask why? Many not realizing sin takes us further from the truth, people take this path unable to forgive or correct what happened in our youth. Unable to change from what we’ve always known can occasionally make it impossible for Gods love to be shown. YES  Jesus died on the cross to set us all free, so pay attention to His message while on this earth and you will see, that one must seek Love and Obedience which is the key.. God Bless


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